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Several years ago, Patrick Suverein, Ximuwu’s owner, underwent back surgery that left him reliant on a wheelchair for some time. 

He was both surprised and disappointed to realise during this time that not a single safari lodge was fully wheelchair accessible. Though some lodges could offer a few accessible amenities, none could provide a completely authentic safari experience to anyone with mobility or physical disabilities. 

An exclusive sanctuary within the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Ximuwu Lodge is the ultimate executive-level luxury safari travel destination, offering unparalleled access to the wonders of the Greater Kruger National Park. Ximuwu is unique in that it is the only truly exclusive lodge – you and your group are the only guests in over 6,500 hectares of a private nature reserve.

Four exquisite, spacious, and tastefully decorated private suites will accommodate a maximum group size of eight, meaning you and your companions will experience the wonders of Africa from a personalised level of luxury and privacy that most can only dream about.

Our safari experiences are designed with maximum comfort in mind – for everyone.

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Wheelchair Friendly

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Photographic Hides

Wheelchair Accessible

Sound Safari

The rooms at Ximuwu have been carefully designed to suit ease of access for guests with mobility impairments. Electronically adjustable beds are available, and orientation lights guide your way through the bedroom and hallways to the ensuite. 

The in-room ensuites feature hobless flush-floor showers, with hand showers and grab rails in addition to the overhead rain shower. Vanity heights are adjustable, with open space beneath the countertops for wheelchair access.  

Large sliding doors with fully recessed tracks open onto the spacious deck. From this private deck, guests can enjoy a morning coffee while watching the animals at the water hole or a nightcap under the stars.

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South African tourism grading council

XIMUWU Lodge, located in South Africa, has achieved the highest accolade in accessibility. Accredited as the first safari lodge in the country with a universal access level 3 rating, XIMUWU Lodge demonstrates its unwavering commitment to inclusivity. The thorough assessment conducted by Judith Sevenster, an accredited grading accessor, highlights the lodge’s dedication to providing an exceptional luxury safari experience for all guests. This achievement not only positions XIMUWU Lodge as a pioneer in the industry but also opens doors for individuals with disabilities to experience the wonders of a South African safari. Experience the magic of XIMUWU Lodge, where accessibility and luxury merge seamlessly.

the lodge

Exclusively yours

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freedom, space and solitude

Ximuwu is a place where guests can immerse themselves in nature without disturbance. A private place with no other guests present. A place where the animals are free — and so are you.

Every aspect of our lodge has been designed to accommodate guests with disabilities. From accessibility in and around the lodge itself to our activities outside the lodge, everything has been specifically designed to be fully inclusive and tailored to our guests’ needs.

All guests can safely enjoy a drive in our open game viewer, use both our bird and photography hides, and even take a dip in the swimming pool. We have thought of everything so that you don’t have to.

Ximuwu is proud to offer the only truly wheelchair-accessible safari in South Africa. The lodge is well set up for guests’ needs, allowing full access to the entire complex. Spacious corridors, wide doorways, no steps or sills, and sliding doors with zero-threshold recessed tracks allow complete access to experience the stunning surroundings of the reserve and the luxurious comforts of the lodge in their entirety. 

Bush dinners, early morning tea or coffee in the heart of the bush, and firelit boma experiences are all navigable, with ramps in place. Guests with mobility impairments can seamlessly traverse the sun deck via roll-on-roll-off ramps allowing for uninterrupted views of wildlife drinking from the active waterhole. The sun deck also features a 16m plunge pool equipped with a specially imported pool lift for easy and safe access.


At Ximuwu Lodge

We believe everyone should be able to experience a South African safari and have taken great care to ensure Ximuwu is accessible and inclusive to all from the moment of your arrival. Our shuttle bus is equipped with swivel seats (from Braun Mobility), and conveniently placed ramps allow for easy and stress-free transfers to and from Ximuwu. 

Both of our photography hides are accessed via wide concreted pathways for easy, safe access, and the interior of the hides are well set up to provide all the space you need.  

Slide-out seats on our game driving vehicles mean you can take full advantage of our superb private game viewing within the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. Our extraordinary Big 5 sightings are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed!  

Game Drives

Unlike conventional safari camps, Ximuwu’s game drives are tailored to our guest’s preferences and timetables and are fully wheelchair accessible. Experience a truly unique and personalised safari game drive with us.


Night Drives

With our state-of-the-art thermal vision goggles, guests can observe the nocturnal behaviour of animals in a truly immersive experience. Watch the elephants drinking from the dam, or hundreds of impala and zebra on the grasslands. Our night drives are a fully accessible experience that you won’t want to miss.


Sound Safaris

Have you ever wondered what a lion hears as he stalks through the bush? Wonder no more, as our sound safaris will allow you to hear what the animals hear. Unique to Ximuwu, our sound safaris will allow you to hear and feel the magic of nature the same way an animal does.


Photo Safaris

Kruger National Park, South Africa’s premier safari destination, is one of the finest places in the world for photography. The exclusivity of Ximuwu, and the huge size of the reserve, means you will never be competing for that perfect shot, vantage point, or light – it’s all yours.



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