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Accessible Luxury

Ximuwu Lodge, nestled in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, offers a unique, exclusive safari experience. Adjacent to the Greater Kruger National Park, our sanctuary spans 6000 hectares. We specialize in accessible luxury designed for safety, comfort, and adventure. Inspired by the vision of the Suverein family, Ximuwu stands as the pinnacle of wheelchair-accessible safari lodges, ensuring an authentic safari accessible to all mobility levels. Feel free to browse our website, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. With us, no chatbots, just real people.



Your own private lodge

starting from just four guests

Exclusive Safari for Small Groups, starting from just four guests. Our exclusive booking policy ensures a private, tailored experience in the African wilderness. Non-exclusive use is available for 2 guests upon request.

Our lodge, designed for ultimate comfort and accessibility, invites you to experience the majestic South African Lowveld. Join us for an unforgettable, inclusive wilderness journey.

Slide out seats

"Our mobile wheelchair ramp is attached to the game viewer, ensuring accessible and smooth entry and exit for all activities, including bush breakfasts, dinners, and drink stops, making every adventure inclusive and enjoyable."

Pool Lift

"An imported pool lift is securely positioned beside our heated swimming pool, providing safe and comfortable access for guests in wheelchairs to enjoy the refreshing waters with ease and comfort.

Easy Access

Our luxurious airport shuttle bus features not only a wheelchair ramp at the back but also a swivel seat that extends out of the van, ensuring easy and comfortable access for all passengers.

Bar seat height adjustment

"Ximuwu takes pride in welcoming multi-generational guests, offering heartwarming moments as entire families gather around the bar, including those in wheelchairs. Our innovative electric wheelchair not only provides mobility but also the ability to lift individuals to new heights, ensuring everyone can fully participate in the joyous experience."

Photographic Hides

"Two wheelchair-accessible photo hides are available, allowing guests to safely and comfortably approach wildlife and capture stunning photographs up close in their natural habitat."

Sound Safari

"Discover the auditory wonders of the African bush with Ximuwu's unique sound safaris, designed to let you hear the world just as a lion or other animals do. Immerse yourself in the magical symphony of nature and experience the wilderness from a completely new and enchanting perspective."

The entire lodge

Wheelchair Friendly

Ximuwu’s accommodations prioritize accessibility, featuring rooms with adjustable beds and navigation lights for easy movement. First and foremost, our ensuites are equipped with hobless showers, hand-held showers, and grab rails, ensuring safety and comfort. Additionally, guests will appreciate adjustable vanities and ample space for wheelchair access, making every aspect of our lodge disability-friendly.

Large sliding doors lead to a spacious deck, where guests can savor coffee while enjoying wildlife views or unwind with a nightcap under the stars. Each stay at Ximuwu is designed to offer comfort and create memorable moments amidst the African wilderness. With our commitment to providing accessible safari experiences, we ensure that every guest, regardless of mobility level, can enjoy the beauty of Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. Visit us for an unforgettable, inclusive safari experience combining luxury, accessibility, and the great outdoors.”

The lodge

360 Tour


South African tourism grading council

XIMUWU Lodge in South Africa is redefining inclusivity in safari experiences. Firstly, it’s the nation’s first lodge with a universal access level 3 rating. This recognition, judged by Judith Sevenster, highlights our commitment to luxury safaris for all.

Moreover, XIMUWU’s facilities and services meet the highest accessibility standards. Every guest is valued here, where luxury and accessibility harmonize. Join us at XIMUWU Lodge for an unmatched safari experience.

the lodge

Exclusively yours

about us

freedom, space and solitude

Discover Ximuwu, an exclusive retreat for intimate nature connections. Firstly, our private sanctuary offers unique, undisturbed wildlife encounters. Ximuwu is more than a place; it’s an immersive, wild experience.

Dedicated to accessibility, Ximuwu welcomes guests with disabilities. Moreover, every lodge feature, from accessible paths to adaptive activities, ensures everyone enjoys nature’s beauty. Enjoy safe game drives, bird and photography hides, and a wheelchair-friendly pool.

At Ximuwu, we blend comfort with wilderness, providing a seamless, inclusive safari. It’s not just a stay; it’s where nature, comfort, and accessibility converge.

Ximuwu is renowned as the only fully wheelchair-accessible safari in South Africa. Firstly, we ensure an unrivaled experience for guests with mobility impairments. The lodge features spacious corridors, wide doorways, and seamless access throughout.

Immerse in the beauty of the reserve and lodge comfortably. Additionally, enjoy accessible bush dinners, serene morning beverages in the wilderness, and firelit boma nights with strategically placed ramps. Our sun deck, with roll-on-roll-off ramps, offers vibrant wildlife views.

Moreover, the deck features a 16m plunge pool with a pool lift, ensuring easy access for all. Experience luxury and accessibility seamlessly blended at Ximuwu.

For your peace of mind

our own accessible airport shuttle service


At Ximuwu Lodge

“At Ximuwu, our mission is to make the excitement of a South African safari accessible to all. From your arrival, our inclusive approach guarantees a hassle-free journey. Our shuttle, equipped with Braun Mobility’s swivel seats and ramps, offers effortless transfers to our lodge, ensuring a smooth start to your adventure.

Easily explore the reserve along wide concrete paths leading to our photography hides, meticulously designed for comfort and universal access. These spaces allow everyone to capture the wilderness’s beauty without limitations.

Dive into the heart of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve with our private game-viewing experiences. Our vehicles feature innovative slide-out seats, inviting all guests to immerse fully in the breathtaking sights. Witness the iconic Big 5, making your safari at Ximuwu a memorable, inclusive adventure for each visitor. Embrace the beauty of the African wilderness at Ximuwu, where luxury meets accessibility.”


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