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Wheelchair Accessible Safaris

Always dreamed of a real African safari but thought it wasn’t possible because you use a wheelchair? Stop dreaming—your destination does exist. Even better, it’s one of the most beautiful safari lodges in South Africa.
Unparalleled luxury at Ximuwu Lodge, the only dedicated wheelchair-accessible safari lodge on the African continent. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, adjacent to the sprawling Greater Kruger National Park, our unique 6000-hectare haven is the brainchild of the Suverein family.



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The ultimate Multi-Generational Travel Destination

Exclusive use

From just 4 guests

  • Exclusive Safari for Small Groups: With just four guests, enjoy the peak of life at XIMUWU! Our booking policy ensures a private, customized adventure in the African wilderness. We can also accommodate two guests upon request.
  • Luxury Amidst Nature: At XIMUWU Lodge, guests enjoy luxury that fits perfectly with nature. Located in an open savannah full of wildlife, our lodge promises a memorable safari.
  • Tailored Safari Adventures:XIMUWU Lodge offers personalized safari trips. Here, adventure meets luxury, with top-notch service. Enjoy a custom journey where every detail adds to your experience.

premier destination for accessibility

Moreover, we are the premier destination for guests requiring wheelchair accessibility or those with limited mobility. Embark on the ultimate accessible luxury safari experience, where safety, comfort, and thrilling wildlife adventures are guaranteed


Additionally, with Ximuwu Lodge, you can expect genuine, real-person customer service—no chatbots, just authentic hospitality. Our team is dedicated to ensuring every guest feels welcome and valued.


Furthermore, join us for an inclusive safari experience where every traveler can embrace the wild’s majestic beauty. From accessible accommodations to expertly guided tours, we ensure that everyone can enjoy the stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife of our reserve.



Wheelchair friendly safaris

Seamless Accessibility

Slide out seats

"Our mobile wheelchair ramp is attached to the game viewer, ensuring accessible and smooth entry and exit for all activities, including bush breakfasts, dinners, and drink stops, making every adventure inclusive and enjoyable."

Pool Lift

"An imported pool lift is securely positioned beside our heated swimming pool, providing safe and comfortable access for guests in wheelchairs to enjoy the refreshing waters with ease and comfort.

Easy Access

Our luxurious airport shuttle bus features not only a wheelchair ramp at the back but also a swivel seat that extends out of the van, ensuring easy and comfortable access for all passengers.

Bar seat height adjustment

"Ximuwu takes pride in welcoming multi-generational guests, offering heartwarming moments as entire families gather around the bar, including those in wheelchairs. Our innovative electric wheelchair not only provides mobility but also the ability to lift individuals to new heights, ensuring everyone can fully participate in the joyous experience."

Photographic Hides

"Two wheelchair-accessible photo hides are available, allowing guests to safely and comfortably approach wildlife and capture stunning photographs up close in their natural habitat."

Cooling Vests

Discover safe, comfortable safari adventures at Ximuwu Lodge. We provide cooling vests for guests with quadriplegia, ensuring comfort in temperatures over 40°C.

Ximuwu Spa

At Ximuwu, our spa is a sanctuary of calm, designed to be fully accessible, ensuring every guest, including those using wheelchairs, can indulge in unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation. Our attentive staff is trained to provide a seamless, comforting experience, highlighted by our commitment to accessibility and luxury.

Helicopter ride

At Ximuwu, our dedication to making every experience accessible is evident as we assist a guest into a helicopter, showcasing our commitment to ensuring that adventure knows no limits. Our team works tirelessly to ensure all our guests, including those using wheelchairs, can take to the skies and enjoy the breathtaking views, reinforcing our 100% success rate in providing unforgettable aerial adventures.

Beauty without boundaries

Disability friendly safari lodge


Ximuwu’s barrier-free safari accommodations prioritize accessibility, featuring rooms with adjustable beds and navigation lights for easy movement. First and foremost, our ensuites are equipped with easily accessible showers, hand-held showers, and grab rails, ensuring safety and comfort.


Large sliding doors lead to a spacious deck, where all guests can savor coffee while enjoying wildlife views or unwind with a nightcap under the stars. Each stay at Ximuwu is designed to offer comfort and create memorable moments amidst the African wilderness.


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South African tourism grading council

XIMUWU Lodge in South Africa is revolutionizing wheelchair-accessible safaris. It’s proud to be the first lodge in the country to receive a universal access level 3 rating, evaluated by Judith Sevenster. This recognition highlights our commitment to making luxury safaris accessible to everyone.


Tourism Grading Council

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Exclusively yours

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freedom, space and solitude

Discover Ximuwu, an exclusive retreat ideal for deep connections with nature. Firstly, our private sanctuary offers unique, peaceful wildlife encounters. Ximuwu is more than just a place; it’s an immersive journey into the wild.

Additionally, committed to accessibility, Ximuwu welcomes guests with disabilities. Furthermore, the lodge is fully equipped with accessible paths and adaptive activities, ensuring everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature. Enjoy safe game drives, bird watching, and photography hides, as well as a pool with a hoist.

Moreover, at Ximuwu, we fuse comfort with the wilderness, providing a seamless, inclusive safari experience. Ultimately, it’s not just a stay; it’s a place where nature, comfort, and accessibility merge together.


easily accessible

Comfortable and Accessible Exploration

Explore the beauty of the reserve and lodge with absolute comfort. Moreover, our accessible pathways ensure you can enjoy every corner of our stunning lodge.

Inclusive Bush Experiences

Additionally, enjoy accessible bush dinners, peaceful morning drinks in the wild, and firelit nights in the boma, all with easy ramp access. These experiences are designed to be inclusive, allowing everyone to savor the magic of the bush.





airport shuttle service


At Wheelchair Accessible Safaris

At Ximuwu, we aim to make the thrill of wheelchair-accessible safari adventure available to everyone. Our inclusive approach ensures a smooth journey from the start. Our shuttle, fitted with Braun Ability’s swivel seats and ramps, provides easy transfers to our lodge.


Additionally, you can navigate our lodge area easily via wide concrete paths leading to our photography hides, designed for comfort and accessibility. These spaces allow everyone to capture the beauty of the wilderness without barriers.


Moreover, dive into the heart of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve with our private game-viewing experiences. Our vehicles have innovative slide-out seats, allowing guests to engage with the stunning views fully. Witness the iconic Big 5 and make your safari at Ximuwu a memorable, inclusive event. Experience the beauty of the African wilderness at Ximuwu, where luxury meets accessibility.

Wheelchair-accessible safaris are here; come and book your inclusive safari journey with us.

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