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“At XIMUWU, we are committed to creating unforgettable moments for our guests through a series of delightful surprises, and our culinary journey is certainly no exception. Initially, you might indulge in the sophistication of fine dining with meticulously crafted dishes, and then, subsequently, you might find yourself enjoying the lively flavors of street food, all while surrounded by the stunning African wilderness.

Furthermore, it’s not just about varied dining experiences. We also specialize in creating magical moments with spontaneous drink stops right in the heart of the reserve. These instances provide the perfect opportunity for you to unwind and connect with nature, cocktail in hand, as the sun dips below the horizon. Therefore, at XIMUWU, every day is a new opportunity to surprise and delight our guests, consequently ensuring that your stay with us is filled with pleasant surprises and cherished memories.”



“What’s a safari without a sundowner? Indeed, nowhere exemplifies the beauty of Ximuwu more than the Ximuwu bar. Our bar isn’t just a place to drink; it’s a stunningly handcrafted work of art, with our brilliant sommelier, Mr. T, at the helm. Consequently, Mr. T is always on hand to advise the best wine pairings to match your meals from our extensive cellar of the finest South African and international wines. Moreover, when he’s not selecting the perfect vintage to accompany your meal, you can find him behind the bar mixing the best Moscow Mule or Whiskey Sour you’ll ever taste—or any other drink of your choice.

Furthermore, with Mr. T around, you are guaranteed your glass will always be full. Thus, each sip becomes not just a taste but a memory, enhancing your safari experience at Ximuwu to the fullest.”

From fine dining to street food

An Authentic Safari Experience

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