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Accessible Safari Dining and Magical Moments



We believe no accessible safari experience is complete without our signature outdoor events, showcasing our commitment through a diverse culinary journey. Begin with the elegance of fine dining, where meticulously crafted dishes set the stage. Then, transition to the vibrant flavors of street food, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of the African wilderness.

Moreover, our inclusive safari experiences extend beyond dining. We specialize in crafting magical moments, such as spontaneous drink stops deep within the reserve. These occasions are perfect for unwinding and connecting with nature. Imagine sipping a cocktail as the sun sets, painting the sky with the colors of the closing day.



What’s a safari without a sundowner? All drinks are presented from our mobile bar and not just any bar but a beautifully renovated classic car. Here, our expert sommelier, Mr. T, and his assistant, Sam, excel in enhancing your meal with the perfect wine pairings from our extensive selection of South African and international wines.

Furthermore, when they’re not choosing the best vintage, Mr. T and Sam are masters at mixing drinks. Whether it’s the best Moscow Mule or Whiskey Sour you’ve ever had or any other drink you desire, they ensure your glass is always full. With their expertise, you can fully immerse yourself in the magical surroundings.

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Encounter the beauty of the African wilderness with our accessible outdoor events. Our mobile ramp ensures everyone can enjoy spectacular bush dinners, serene breakfasts, and majestic sunsets from our specially designed viewing platform.

Highlights Include:

• Bush Dinners: Wine & Dine under the stars and in complete accessibility.
• Baobab Breakfasts: Start your morning surrounded by nature.
• Sunset Views: Capture breathtaking panoramas from our accessible platform.

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Enjoy a bush breakfast under our 1000-year-old Baobab tree, a truly historic setting.

Bush Breakfast

Accessible Bush Breakfast Experience. Start your day uniquely at Ximuwu Safari Lodge. Our breakfast setup is fully accessible, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delightful meal surrounded by the breathtaking views of Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. Indulge in comfort and style, available to all our guests.

Bush diner

Undergo a magical evening: Dine under the stars, reminiscent of "A Thousand and One Nights."


From dawn to dusk, each meal unfolds as a magical moment. Enjoy unparalleled dining, from breakfast trough dinner and beyond.

From fine dining to street food

An Authentic Safari Experience

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