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Disability friendly safari lodge

Enjoy the peaceful beauty of our suites, where modern luxury meets subtle accessibility. Also, the lodge’s elegant decor ensures that all guests experience comfort with ease. Plus, relax in areas designed for both beauty and accessibility, from the poolside to the cozy firepit.

In conclusion, Ximuwu Lodge offers a special experience where elegance, luxury, and accessibility blend smoothly. It’s more than a stay—it’s a celebration of thoughtful design and close connections with nature. Accessible luxury safaris have never been easier to enjoy.



the lodge

Seclusion & Serenity

Ximuwu’s central lodge blends comfort with elegance, featuring versatile dining areas and cozy spaces. Firstly, guests can choose from our indoor and outdoor dining options, breakfast room, bar, lounge, and covered patio. Step outside to enjoy the sun deck and firepit, which overlook a stunning 16m heated and accessible pool.

Furthermore, the lodge’s exclusive design promotes tranquility and privacy. Relax in a serene environment tailored just for you. On cooler days, warm up by our indoor fireplaces. Additionally, enjoy entertainment on our large projector screen, making indoor moments as memorable as outdoor adventures.

the suites

Light & Spacious

Ximuwu redefines comfort and exclusivity, hosting only eight guests in four luxurious suites. Firstly, each suite near the main lodge blends easy access with privacy. Our north-facing suites showcase elegant designs and floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the room in natural light and offer stunning wildlife views.

Furthermore, our suites are designed for accessibility, featuring wide doorways and step-free ensuites. Spacious layouts and accessible vanities ensure comfort for all guests. Additionally, Ximuwu’s meticulous attention to detail delivers a luxurious, homely feel in the heart of the wilderness.

Ximuwu Lodge pairs luxury with accessibility, creating a unique and intimate safari experience in its spacious, beautifully designed suites.

high quality finishes

Comfort & Tranquillity

Ximuwu effortlessly blends African charm with elegant style. Our decor showcases premium finishes and natural materials, perfectly uniting indoor comfort with the outdoor scenery. Features such as hand-painted curtains and steel cladding enhance your stay. Each detail underlines our dedication to accessible luxury safaris, providing a lavish yet thoughtful design. Discover the blend of sophistication and the natural beauty of Africa in every part of our lodge.

the details

What sets us apart?

Wheelchair Friendly Safaris

Ximuwu is proud to offer wheelchair-accessible safaris. Our lodge is perfectly set up with spacious corridors, wide doorways and no steps or sills, allowing full access throughout the lodge for guests with mobility aids and wheelchairs.


"Ximuwu elevates your stay with luxurious amenities from L'Occitane, bringing a touch of Provence, France, to the heart of the African bush for an exquisite fusion of world-class luxury and natural beauty."


Access redefined

A guest emerges from our fully accessible underground photographic hide

Butler Service

"For guests seeking extra reassurance, Ximuwu provides two state-of-the-art WiFi panic buttons available to be worn 24/7, ensuring immediate assistance is always within reach for a secure and worry-free stay."

ANY bush activity you choose

we ensure transport to and from the activity site

No Limitations

If we say access to everything, we mean it!

Your Safety

Our priority

Our priority

Your Safety

At Ximuwu Safari Lodge, your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. Unlike typical lodges, we enhance security with a double fence line around our property, providing both safety and freedom. Guests can safely explore at any time, enjoying unspoiled nature with ease. Experience secure, accessible luxury safaris at Ximuwu, where safety seamlessly blends with serenity.

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